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October 20, 2011 / jkeznikl

SOFA 2 HOWTO: Compilation & Installation of SOFA 2 JME Profile

Recently, we have updated the build mechanism for the JME profile ofSOFA2. In the newest version, the necessary steps for building andsetting-up the SOFA2 JME are as follows.

First, checkout the latest revision of the SOFA project.

svn checkout svn:// .


To compile the current SOFA2 JME version, go to the trunk/builddirectory and run

ant cleanant jme

As a part of the build process, also the current version of the projectscongen, sofa, sofa-j, and cushion are compiled (without thenewest version of congen, a SOFA2 JME application cannot be compiled for the JME platform).


To create the SOFA2 JME executable distribution go to the trunk/distdirectory and run:

ant jme

This assembles the distribution and initializes the micro-logdemo example.The distribution will be created in the directories:

The micro-logdemo JME application is represented by:

which can be executed by calling for example

emulator -Xdevice:DefaultCldcPhone1 -Xdescriptor:midlet.jar

For further details seetrunksofa-jtrunkexamplesmicro-logdemoREADME.

After creating the executable distribution, configure it by running thetrunk/dist/sofa-env.bat[.sh] script, which sets the SOFA2 JME environmentvariables.

Application Development

SOFA2 JME application development is similar to standard SOFA J. Thedifference lies in the deployment step. SOFA2 JME introduces a newCushion action midlet which for a given deployment plan assembles anexecutable JME midlet (thus the midlet action should follow thedeploy action). Se the micro-logdemo example for further details.

For additional information see


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