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November 9, 2010 / jkeznikl

SOFA-J HOWTO: Compilation & Installation


The Apache Ant and Apache Ivy tools are used for compilation and distribution ofthe SOFA-J implementation and therefore must be installed and configured onthe host computer. Moreover, the Ant-Contrib Ant task library must be installed.


First of all, you must download the current trunk version from the SVNrepository using

svn checkout svn:// .

To compile the current SOFA-J version, run ant in the followingdirectories in the given order (use the default task):



To create the current SOFA-J distribution from the compiled files, runant in the following directories in the given order (use the default task):


The distribution will be created in the sofa-j/trunk/dist/output/distdirectory.

To complete the installation, the environment variables must be updated.To do this, you could use the following scripts (run them in the currentdirectory)

Windows (sofa-env.bat):

@echo off set PRGDIR=%~dp0 echo Setting SOFA_HOME set SOFA_HOME=%PRGDIR%sofa-jtrunkdistoutputdist echo Setting CUSHION_HOME set CUSHION_HOME=%PRGDIR%cushiontrunkdistoutputdist echo Adding bin dirs to path. set PATH=%PATH%;%SOFA_HOME%bin;%CUSHION_HOME%bin

Unix (

#!/bin/bash PRG="$0" PRGDIR=`pwd "$PRG"` echo "Setting SOFA_HOME" export SOFA_HOME=$PRGDIR/sofa-j/trunk/dist/output/dist echo "Setting CUSHION_HOME" export CUSHION_HOME=$PRGDIR/cushion/trunk/dist/output/dist echo "Adding bin dirs to path." export PATH=$PATH:$SOFA_HOME/bin:$CUSHION_HOME/bin

After this step, the SOFA-J distribution should be fully configured inthe current terminal.

Running a simple application

To run a simple application called ‘logdemo’ (which was installed alongwith the SOFA-J distribution), you have to start several facilities (seedocumentation for explanation).You will need 3 terminals (consoles, shells, …) configured (see theprevious section).Run the following command in each terminal according to the numbers.

  1. start the SOFAnode

  2. start the deployment dock with appropriate name (here ‘nodeA’) nodeA

  3. launch the current

For information about application development see


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